Occupational Hygiene

Airborne Contaminant Assessment

Our hygienists are able to assist you identify and evaluate your workplace airborne contaminant hazards, including dusts, vapours, gases, welding fumes and diesel particulates. All monitoring is performed to Australian Standards and allows you to meet your legislative requirements to ensure your workers exposure to airborne contaminants is effectively risk assessed and controlled.

Noise Exposure

Permanent hearing damage can result from exposure to a very loud noise for a short time or prolonged/repeated exposure to moderately loud noise. The cumulative and non-linear nature of hearing loss due to noise exposure means that this risk can increase significantly after brief periods of exposure throughout a work day or shift. HSR Consulting hygienists use intrinsically safe personal dosimeters and Class 1 integrating sound level meters to identify and help you control workplace noise exposures.

PPE Fit Testing

We provide Quantitative Fit testing of both respirators and ear protection This is becoming increasingly mandated across work sites and industries throughout Australia. Providing workers with PPE without ensuring they have correct fit could leave employers open to future litigation, and Australian standards now call for a Respiratory Protection Program (of which Fit testing is an important part).

Mould Assessment

If you have been affected by water leaks or flooding, the moisture from these events can result in mould growth. Mould exposure can negatively impact our health as we go about our daily lives, and can deteriorate the integrity of your building. Our Australian/ACES certified Mould Testing Technicians are trained to conduct thorough site inspections. This includes the use of thermal imagery and moisture meters to identify the spread of moisture and moisture-laden materials, and establishing a sampling plan to undertake air and surface sampling to determine the levels of fungal particulate within a premises. We are also able to offer post-remediation verification services to ensure that your premises is free of hazardous mould.

Heat Stress Monitoring

Hot weather and hot work environments can pose a safety hazard to employees, with adverse health effects ranging from general discomfort to life threatening conditions such as heat stroke. Our team can assess your work environment to identify and assess the risks caused by hot work environments through the use of the Wet Bulb Global Temperature (WBGT) index, and provide recommendations that can reduce the risk of heat stress and heat related illness.

Workplace Lighting Assessments

Poor lighting poses significant risks to workplace health and safety, jeopardising the well-being of your employees. From hindering navigation and orientation to increasing the likelihood of accidents like tripping and falling, inadequate lighting can lead to visual strain, headaches, and discomfort. Our thorough assessments pinpoint areas of concern, enabling tailored solutions to optimise lighting conditions, ensuring a safer and more comfortable work environment for all.