Asbestos Identification

Have you got a sample that needs testing for the presence of asbestos? HSR Consulting holds a NATA accreditation for Asbestos Fibre Identification and Asbestos Fibre Counting using specialist testing equipment in our Hobart laboratory. To submit your samples, please complete and submit the following form then deliver your samples to our Head Office for analysis. Pricing varies depending on the sample material (Type 1 or Type 2) as per the schedule below.


  1. Complete all of your relevant contact information.
  2. Press ‘Next’ to specify the address where the sample(s) have been collected, and the number of samples you would like to submit for analysis. 
  3. For each sample, please specify your sample identifier, sample location and sample description. You can add a photo (optional) for each sample as well.
  4. Review your entries and submit the form.
  5. Package and deliver your samples to our Head Office (30 Patriarch Drive, Huntingfield TAS 7055), making sure that each sample is clearly marked with your nominated identifier from Step 3. Each sample should be double-sealed in two resealable zip bags.  Samples only need to be the size of a 20cent piece.
  6. Our team will undertake the analysis and determine the analysis costs. Results will be delivered via email and payments can be made via your nominated payment method. 


Type 1 Materials: $75 per sample (inc. GST) – Cement sheet, lagging, roof shingles, fireproofing material, plaster, textured coatings, packing materials, gaskets etc.

Type 2 Materials: $90 per sample (inc. GST) – Vinyl floor and wall coverings, adhesives, mastics, putties, caulking, ceiling insulation, glue, dust etc.